Ellen Ordoyne, Practice Operations & Relationship Manager

Ellen Ordoyne, Notary Public
Practice Operations & Relationship Manager
Ellen is the consummate multi-tasker.

Raised in the San Fernando Valley, Ellen chose to serve our country and see the world by joining the US
Navy upon graduation from high school. The Navy provided Ellen with two important things that have
followed her entire adult life: a foundation in operations, office management, and multi-tasking, as well
as her husband, Sonny, who she met in 1975 while both were stationed in Pearl Harbor.

When their respective tours of duty were completed, Ellen followed her husband to his hometown of
Thibodaux, Louisiana and started a family which boasts four adult children and three grandchildren.

When a job opportunity for her husband brought the family to Ventura, CA in 1987, Ellen attended
business school and became the receptionist/office manager for a CPA firm in Santa Paula. Ten years
later, when that practice was sold to another practitioner, the new owner quickly grasped Ellen’s value
and asked her to stay on. Nine years later in December 2005, that practice was sold yet again and
purchased by Bottom Line. Not to be outdone by the previous two owners, Doug also quickly recognized
Ellen’s value and asked her to stay on. He counts it as one of his best decisions and our clients
overwhelmingly agree!

As our practice has evolved over the years, so has Ellen’s role. After 14 years as our office manager,
Ellen is now in charge of managing the operations of our practice and our client relationships. When a
new client they will likely hear from Ellen who take them through our onboarding process. When
professional staff is inundated with work, Ellen serves as the client’s touchstone, making sure deadlines
are met. In a pinch, Ellen still jumps in to help out with payroll taxes, sales taxes, workers compensation
reporting and light bookkeeping.