About Our Firm

Coupling our life experience with our backgrounds in business, accounting and taxation, we take a holistic approach to our clients, their professions, and their businesses.

We find out where they are, where they’ve been and where they wish to go.  We listen to them. And then? We take a reality check, ground them, and help them plot a sensible course for their future.

Then the accountant in us gathers and processes their financial data into a general ledger format within a Quickbooks environment, and distills it down to meaningful financial statements and tax returns that help them manage their fears, anger, businesses and tax liabilities.  And that, helps them better manage their lives, get them out of agenda driven survival mode and back into goal driven success consciousness. Our value added may sound intangible, but our track record shows its value added our clients can quantify with lower taxes, job promotions, raises, business growth and more money in their pockets.

In our world, lives and tax returns are tremendously algebraic and we thrive on connecting the dots, dollars and laws necessary to help our clients solve everyday puzzles, challenges and the occasional problem. Our clients are employees and business people. They are sole proprietors, partnerships, LLC’s, corporations, estates and trusts. They are individuals and legal entities striving to take their lives and entities to the next level and need a trusted advisor, a sounding board and sometimes a coach to manage their taxes and their books. These people rest easy knowing we are here and that they can count on us.

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